Shopping & Buying Guide for Security Systems


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The new Konnected Alarm Panel is our first custom designed and manufactured hardware. It makes it easier than ever to connect a wired alarm system to SmartThings.

Build it Yourself

If you’re comfortable with command line tools and tinkering, you can build a Konnected device yourself with off the shelf hardware available online. We like Amazon because of their vast selection and quick delivery.

NodeMCU ESP8266 Wifi board

The brains of the Konnected system is the ESP8266 based NodeMCU wifi board. This tiny microprocessor and wifi radio is an open source design that is manufactured by several chip makers. All NodeMCU ESP8266 based boards should work, but we prefer the LoLin NodeMCU V3 boards because of their development base that makes wiring easy.

NodeMCU development base

The base for the LoLin NodeMCU board allows for wiring using jumpers and has a built-in voltage regulator for power.

Relay modules

A relay module is used to switch a higher voltage device with a signal from the Konnected board, for example to switch on a siren, strobe light, lamp, sprinkler valve, or anything else. The NodeMCU device operates at 3.3V, so any 3V relay module will work. If you’re using the LoLin NodeMCU base and powering the device via the base, you also have access to 5V power which can be used to power some compatible 5V relay modules. We have tested and can recommend any of the following relay modules:

Jumper wires